Summer Violin Setup and Repair Workshop

Created for players, teachers, and shop repair persons wishing to develop their skills. We offer week-long classes in simple maintenance and repair of violins, violas, and cellos.  Classes will be held at the Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City, and will be taught by Charles Woolf, the school’s Director.

Interested in joining us in 2017? Fill out the form below and we’ll send you an email with workshop availability. Minimum age is 18 years old, and participants must be residing in the United States. A $100 deposit for each class will be required to guarantee your placement, and is applicable to your weekly fee.

Questions? Please contact us today.

For either workshop, participants should bring at least one “disposable” instrument to work on.  Materials such as pegs and bridges are items we can supply at a reasonable cost, as needed.  A list of necessary tools will be provided for workshop participants. Classes will consist of brief lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on work.

$600 per week
$450 per week for school teachers
$350 per week for students (with valid student ID)

Level One:

Violin, viola, and cello simple maintenance and repair (simple tool use)

Session Dates:  6/5–6/9; 6/19–6/23; 7/31–8/4; 8/14–8/18
This workshop is designed for teachers and players who have limited access to a luthier, and need help learning simple maintenance and repairs.
·        Resetting a bridge, proper string heights, and bridge placement

·        Replacing strings

·        Peg and nut adjustments

·        Regluing a fingerboard and saddle

·        Resetting a post, basic post adjustment

·        Gluing open seams (edge to rib)

·        Replace an endpin, end button

·        Replacing a tailgut

·        Finding and fixing buzzes

·        Glue preparation

Level Two:

Violin, viola, and cello simple maintenance and repair (advanced tool use)

Session Dates:  6/12–6/16; 6/26–6/30; 8/ 7–8/11; 8/21–8/25
This workshop is designed for those who have taken the Level One Workshop or have equivalent experience, and wish to learn more advanced maintenance and repair techniques.
·        Basic sharpening

·        Repairing plate cracks from the outside

·        Planing a fingerboard

·        Peg replacement

·        Simple neck reset/adjustment

·        Bridge replacement