It Begins Here

The VMSA application process involves six steps. The first is filling out this form


1. Complete the application form below. We will contact you after we receive your information.

2. Write a one or two page letter of personal intent. This should include your reasons for wanting to attend the school, qualifications for attending, and any other information you feel would be relevant for acceptance to the school.

3. Briefly describe your financial plan for paying tuition and living expenses.

4. Mail the personal intent letter and financial plan to the address provided at the bottom of this page, or email them here.

5. You will then be notified regarding your acceptance. If accepted, we will send you the Enrollment Agreement.

6. Sign the Enrollment Agreement and return it along with a deposit of $1000, which guarantees placement in the school and is applied to the first quarter tuition.*

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*This deposit is refundable on request, as set forth in the following provision of the Utah Division of Consumer Protection: “[There will be] a three-business-day cooling-off period, commencing with the day an enrollment agreement with the applicant is signed or an initial deposit or payment toward tuition and fees of the institution is made, until midnight of the third business day following such date or from the date that the student first visits the institution, whichever is later, during which time the contract may be rescinded and all monies paid refunded. Evidence of personal appearance at the institution or deposit of a written statement of withdrawal for delivery by mail or other means shall be deemed as meeting the terms of the cooling off period.”