Tuition and Housing

The Violin Making School of America is committed to providing a world class Luthier education at a reasonable cost

Annual tuition is $11,880 to be paid in three quarterly installments of $3960. Total tuition for 3 years (3900 clock hours) is $31,680 (note that tuition is not paid during the Graduation Examination period of the program).*

Tuition is subject to change, although the school will make every effort to avoid tuition increases for enrolled students.

Tuition covers all instruction, wood, varnish materials and setup supplies used in the course of study.

Some financial assistance is available to students. Funding is available to veterans through the Veterans Administration. The Violin Society of America provides scholarships each year to qualified students, through the school. A local credit union provides a private, credit-based loan to domestic students. The school is not accredited for FAFSA Loans or Pell Grants. Please contact us for more information about these programs.

School tools are available, but these are not intended as a long-term substitute for the student’s own set of tools. Students will be expected to begin purchasing their own tools as soon as they start the program, and will be required to own a full set of tools by the third year. The typical cost of a set of professional quality tools totals $1500 to $2000.

Fellow students and faculty will be happy to advise you on tool purchases.

The school will assist in the placement of graduates. There is a steady demand for graduates by violin shops, and the school receives numerous requests for graduates throughout the school year. These are posted at the school. The school does not guarantee placement or wage and salary levels.

The school is located near affordable rental housing. Click here to view the SLC Apartment Guide, or contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding housing.

*In the event of withdrawal or dismissal following the three business day cooling off period, refunds will be made on the following basis: The amount to be refunded shall be the total amount of tuition paid for the quarter, multiplied by a fraction in which the numerator is the number of school days for which the student has paid but which the student has not received, divided by the total number of school days for which the student has paid. (See also the policy regarding the enrollment fee under Application Process). Regularly scheduled holidays and breaks are part of the tuition period.